Five nights at Freddie’s 1

In Five nights at Freddie’s you start off  in a office with a guy that left you a recorded message on your office phone. There is a way to stop the recorded message but I’d say not to when you just start because. Phone guy (The person who sent you a message) will tell you how the animatronics move and tell you about older restaurants.

There are 6 games made by Scott Cawthon (the creator of Five nights at Freddie’s the others are fan made but they are still good.

FNAF is the acronym of Five nights at Freddie’s so I will be use the acronym of it more

FNAF has a lot of cheats and codes for special events. If ur playing on computer u can press Ctrl and C at the same time u can skip a night. Change ur computers date to October 31 and get a Halloween update. In the office there is a Freddie and the gang if u click Freddie’s nose it makes a quite honk noise

All of the animatronics are animal themed. There is a giant brown bear with a microphone in his right hand and a top hat on his head he has a light brown metal and silver blue eyes. Freddie’s movements include show stage – Dinning area – Restrooms – Kitchen – E. Hall – E. Hall corner – office. Freddie starts to move on night 3.

Bonnie is a purplish blue rabbit with two big ears and a red Y shaped guitar Bonnies movements include Dinning area – Backstage – W. Hall – Supply closet – W. Hall Corner. Bonnie is the first to move

Chica is next. Chica is a giant yellow chicken with a bib that reads lets eat with a confetti background Chica holds a cupcake with eyes and two buck teeth but when she moves it disappears. Chica’s movements include Show stage – Dinning area – Kitchen – Restrooms – E. Hall – E. Hall corner.

Foxy is the forth character in the gang. Foxy is a bright red fox but Foxy has ripped body and arms Foxy has a dislocated jaw this is important thing for later. Foxy movements include Pirates corner – W. Hall – W. Hall corner – The office. Foxy starts moving on night 2.

Some of the rules in FNAF (These are displayed in E. Hall corner) The rules are Don’t run, Don’t yell, Don’t poop on the floor, Stay close to mom, Don’t  touch Freddie, Don’t, Leave before dark. K look the only animatronic that it says not to touch Freddie not any other animatronic and it looks like there are handprints on Freddie’s face

Some Resources I used was my book  

My Favorite Youtubers Dan TDM, LazarBeam, Craftee

My favorite youtubers are DanTDM, LazarBeam, and Craftee here are three paragraphs explaining how much I know about them and telling u why I like them

DanTDM is a Minecraft, Among us, and rarely Fortnite player. He has a wife named Jenna Middleton a son Asher Middleton and two pugs named Darcie and Ellie. DanTDMs real name is Daniel Middleton. His most popular videos are Minecraft gameplay. Dan was born in UK Nov. 8 1991

LazarBeam is mostly known as a Fortnite player but he also plays GTA, Minecraft, and Roblox. LazarBeam’s net worth is 8mil. LazarBeam was born in New South Wales, Australia in December 1994. LazarBeams real name is Lannan Eacott. Lannans girlfriend is Ilsa Watkins one of the most popular faces on Instagram.

Craftee is a minecraft only player. His favorite things to do in minecraft are mods. Craftee’s real name is Parker Coppins. Craftee’s net worth is 529k. Craftee was  Born on March 12, 1995, he is as of now 26. He has no current girlfriend.